Face mask treatments for hydrated, nourished and glowing skin.        

After the success of our MASQ+ serum masks in beauty salons, clinics and pharmacies, we are now launching a series of serum masks for sale in the grocery retail sector. These face mask treatments are packed full of active ingredients to meet different daily needs. The first product to be launched is Glow, Upload and Relax.  

 In Japan, which is the world’s second-largest market for beauty products, user-friendly face masks have been around for more than 15 years. 

 “I lived in Japan for a long time myself, and moved to Sweden with my Japanese wife three years ago.  After we came back to Sweden we looked for a suitable face mask but could not find one. This is why we have developed Powerlite MASQ+, which is customised for the Nordic climate and Nordic skin type”.

Mats Höljö, CEO and founder of Powerlite AB

The company behind the successful MASQ+ is Powerlite AB of Sweden, which also manufactures IPL equipment for hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

Are you a journalist or blogger and want to know more about SerumMasq+?

Please contact us for more information and possible cooperation on info@powerlite.com

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